Friday, August 24, 2007

Oh, Orioles... Oh!

Twins 5, Orioles 2
Twins 7, Orioles 4

^ my reaction to the game today.

I like how the Twins have been playing lately. No, I don't like how they scare us so badly with all the getting behind #1-6 to 0, but I like how they've been bouncing back in the later innings: They aren't getting down on themselves.

That's the key for us; not getting down on ourselves and believing that we actually CAN do it. We're a good ballclub. Maybe our record doesn't specifically show that, but, we really are. We have consistent hitters up and down the line-up (DON'T give me "well look at Nick Punto, he's more inconsistent than a rock!!" - I'll bite off your head) and our defense is pretty freakin' good. We have a handful of guys who can hit the ball hard, and they carry us. But the little things count, too, and we like to do the little things well. Sure, maybe bunts aren't working for us at the moment. Sure, maybe Justin Morneau, our power hitter, hadn't homered in 110+ at-bats. (110+ I THINK... I'm too tired to look it up. And I say hadn't because he did today to put us on the board, 4-1) We didn't win quite a few games, but we aren't giving up. Now, I still think it's unlikely we'll get to post-season. I would NOT be complaining if we did, don't get me wrong - I'd love that! But the way our offensive has been off in the last few weeks, I don't know if we'd get there, you know? Besides, my dad explained to me exactly why he believes Luis Castillo was traded awhile back: Terry Ryan knew we were most likely playing for next season. Plus, he was a free agent at the end of the year, and Ryan figured we might as well get something for him: hence the two prospects in the minor leagues.

Either way, the last two wins have been sensational for the Twins. It's really uplifting to see them trying to bounce back from their losses. Johan? Good, as per usual. Although the homers.. scared me. Just a little.

P.S. I'd like to wish Scott and Leann Baker luck in the safe delivery of their second child. :) Scott left for Minnesota today because his wife went into labor early this morning, I believe. He's scheduled to make the start on Sunday, although it is unknown whether he will start or not. Gardy's said if Scott can't make it back in time for the start, they'll call up Kevin Slowey to pitch on Sunday instead. As much as I like Scott, I'm telling you to say it with me: HELLS YES - SLOWEY FOR THE WIN!!!

Sorry. I reeeeeeeeally like Mr. Slowey. And I miss him, like I miss Jeff Cirillo. Oh god. Here come the tears.

No, I'm kidding. But seriously, Sunday will be amazing, regardless of what happens. Let's just hope I don't have to go to church.


sarah* said...

Wow, I can't believe there is a girl my age so interested in the Twins! i thought i was just crazee or something!

Laraine said...

You write very well.