Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jeff Cirillo, I Miss You

Twins 1, Rangers 0
Mariners 9, Twins 4

I would have to say my days are dwindling now. My fun, summer days as a 14-year-old who cannot get anywhere without her bike are dying down and in my free time (the time between Twins games) I do jack shit.

Wait, I totally just lied. Like, multiple times. The only thing I didn't lie about was the doing 'jack shit' part because that's true. Like right now, what am I doing? Waiting for the Twins game by typing in my blog that has like 3 readers, rearranging Shockers*, and watching the Little League World Series. Which has been delayed by rain for like 40 minutes. I just needed background music.

I miss Jason Bartlett for god sakes.

I don't know if you guys follow Jeff Cirillo or anything, but yesterday in the 9th for the D-Backs (versus the Beermakers/Brewers/Smelly Cheese Wisconsinites) he
pitched. Yes, he pitched. The pretty much triple back-up utility third-baseman pitched. AND HE STRUCK OUT ONE, BABY. I'd have to say if I had oodles of money I'd buy a Cirillo jersey, because the number 9 suits me and I like a man who can play different positions (NICKY F-ING PUNTO). I'll just work on buying a Bartlett one first because he holds 3/4 of my heart. The other 1/4 goes to.... drum roll please... eating.

In addition to that probably unknown piece of news for Twins fans, I'll supply you with one that everybody as heard before: Johan Santana struck out 17 batters on Sunday. I'm supremely jealous because my best friend, who is not even a Twins fan, can name no more than 2 people on the team and does not know what DH/DL means, was there. She was in the nosebleed seats but still. You were in the presence of a God who set a club record. Seriously, I don't think she even noticed that he struck out more than two people. Does she even know what a K is?

Scott Baker better pitch well tonight. My sister lied to me by saying she'd watch the game, but I should have known better. She's 9. She can't sit still for a movie, let alone a baseball game. Like my friend who went to the Sunday game? We watched not even 2 innings after we got back from Hairspray on Friday and she goes, "How can you watch this whole game..?" And I'm like W-T-F.

Anyways, my Shockers* are almost gone. I crave chocolate.

In case, you know, you didn't know what Shockers were. I forgot they existed until I saw them in my candy cupboard, but, shh.

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Karleeee said...

he pitched!
Sweet mother of cirillo...