Sunday, August 12, 2007

Check Please

Angels 4, Twins 3
Angels 6, Twins 2

Christ, I am so tired of watching these games because they're all the same. So, to pass the time while I watch us lose (yet again!), I'm going to make a checklist that signifies how awesome we, the Minnesota Twins, are.

Dead Offense [√]
Decent Starting Pitching Gone Wasted [√]
Most Shut-Outs in MLB [√]
Taking Leads That Last ½ an Inning [√]
Scoring 3 Runs or Less More Consistently Than Not [√]
Playing .500 Baseball [√]
Countlessly Injuring People You Bring Up From The Minors [√]
Regularly Injuring People Who Are Supposed To Be Your Starters [√]
Trying to Restrain From Saying "We Just Suck" During Press Conferences [√]
Your Ace Talkin' Crap About Your Management [√]

Notice we succeed in all of those.
Okay, so, as you can tell, I'm really bored. I'm pretty sure you all knew all of the above anyways, so I'm unaware why I made that list.

Oh, and major high-fives (from you)/kisses (from me) for Jason Bartlett, who has scored the only (as of the moment.. though I'm assuming through the rest of the game) 2 runs in the game today. Way to be Hottttttt, Jason. Even though you could suck and I'd still love you.

P.S. I still believe in Nick Punto
(and yes, I am being serious: Nicky P. is the shit, okay.)

1 comment:

Karleeee said...

he is the shit.
so much of the shit the nicky magical train came rolling in at yesterday's game and won it for us.

I possibly spazzed out.
I'm not saying I DID.
I'm just saying...I probably did.